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I'm sure you know how much he loves and appreciates you.

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And yes, it's true, he does still drink from "the golden tap" now and then, but that's our weird little boy! He's working on it. Like you, I've hesitated to talk about my experiences with re-homing. I know firsthand how painful it is to let go of a pet, or to have to change course, especially after bonding and working so hard with them.

The Dog Nobody Loved

When Ali and I decided to part ways, and she moved back to NY to be on Broadway, we had to consider what would be best for Honey, our sweet pit bull. We discussed options at great length. Even though it hurt to imagine someone else having Honey, we agreed that, for many reasons, she would be happiest and most supported if we found her a new home. We hoped it would be with someone we knew and trusted.

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Now Honey lives in Colorado, where she frequents grassy fields with other big playful dogs. We got to be with her when she was healing from surgery, and helped her into the next chapter of her life. I guess what I'm saying is, it's a gift to care for an animal, at any capacity. They feel our hearts' intention to love them, even when changes are needed, and they love us back.

2016: The Year Nobody Loved.

It was Frieda that helped Maria learn how to trust me at a time when she trusted very few people, and no men. That was a big gift. Over time, Frieda came to protect me as well as Maria. She sat at the door to my study Lenore dozed on the sofa inside and guarded me while I worked, and nobody bothered me.

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Frieda inspired much in my life. She was a great spirit, training and taming her was one of the challenges of my life, it taught me so much. She joined my life at the first Bedlam Farm, where she lived in a barn for nearly a year before she got calm enough to come inside of the house.

Dog Was Crying For Help But Nobody Heard Him, Until One Day

She chased a few trucks as well. I always said that Frieda was the only real man in the house, she never gave it up, never gave it away. She had true integrity.

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She adored Maria every second of her life, and was faithful and protective of her to her last breath. She also made sure that no big truck ever came into the driveway and bothered us and our house.

I am glad my heart was restored in July, I think it might have shattered for good in this month of cold, challenge and loss — Simon, Lenore, and now Frieda. There needs to be life on this farm. I give all of my stronger heart to Maria today, she is strong and brave and clear, I am proud of her in so many ways.

The Dog Nobody Loved

I think of Frieda now back in the woods she loved, being the tiger she was, prowling and hunting and sniffing, a strong woman who could take care of herself and the people she loved. She was the woman Maria came to be.

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Skip to content. Goodbye To Frieda I am sorry to bring you sad news once more, Frieda died this morning shortly after 10 a.