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Cherished Secret, Book 2: The Diary. Judge Me Not: A Novel. Lonnie Holley on the cover of Just Before Music , Courtesy: Dust-to-Digital; photograph: Karekin Goekjian.

In histories of American vernacular music, Alabama gets overshadowed by its more celebrated and productive neighbour states Mississippi, Tennessee, Georgia , but its contribution has been considerable and, as the above examples suggest, often marked by irreducible eccentricity. The latest musical oddity to emerge from the state — Birmingham-born, year-old Lonnie Holley — was, until the release of his debut album, Just Before Music , known for his career in an entirely different field: art.

In , Portland Museum of Art staged a solo show of his work and he was included in the Prospect. For years, Holley sang to himself while working on his art and regularly made home recordings of his improvised compositions, accompanying himself on cheap electronic keyboards, playing only the black keys. Ledbetter was duly impressed, immediately grasping the link between Holley and the ghostly, long-dead voices his label was founded to resurrect.

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Yet, while it may not slot neatly into any known musical genre, echoes of earlier styles and artists can be detected. Long-held notes resolve to a chewy vibrato reminiscent of Al Jarreau and other jazz vocal acrobats. He occasionally adopts the type of gargled growl associated with Louis Armstrong and Tom Waits. Willis was proudly obscene; Holley approaches the divine. While Holley seems not to fit into any academy or tradition, he is a perhaps unwitting member of a micro-tradition.

He is the author of Forever Changes Bloomsbury, It's not all bluster and showmanship, but a deep and abiding love for the craft. He's also training the next generation of real whole-hog pitmasters, so our kids should thank him, too. All that and the best pulled pork in town. Jim Myers.

This restaurant has been serving up melt-in-your-mouth biscuits to Nashvillians and tourists alike for more than 60 years. Juli Thanki.

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The very best in East Nashville, and most folks say it's the best burger in the city. The Tennessee-raised beef is tremendous, the buns melt in your mouth. Beware — there are large crowds and the staffers who greet you are not always particularly friendly. Brad Schmitt. Founded in by David Lin and his partners, Fulin's offered a fine dining take on traditional Chinese food. Over the next decade, Lin would open 10 locations, including six in the Nashville area. Lin, who legally immigrated to the United States in , settled in New York City and worked in the restaurant industry.

He moved to the Nashville area in , starting as a server in a Chinese buffet before eventually launching his own restaurant. Frothy Monkey has been a staple in the Nashville community since They were one of the first coffeehouse concepts in Nashville and one of the cornerstone businesses to open in the transformed 12th South Nashville neighborhood. The original Germantown location often has long lines, fueled in large part by Francois' sweet potato cupcakes.

And Francois has opened a second location in Donelson. She often finds herself atop lists for best cupcake, best bakery and best dessert food truck in town. All that happened in only seven years: Francois started the business in because she and her family were broke. Just remember: They taste best in season.

The unit chain that started 47 years ago as a single store on Highway in Lebanon has become an American dining institution. Historically, the restaurant chain has positioned its stores nearly highway exits to target travelers. Those spatula-smooshed sandwiches hold fond memories.