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As a graduate a lot of things are new — new people, new procedures, new work, new routine this is probably the hardest one! No matter your reputation, your company or your experience, you will always be under heavy scrutiny as a consultant. Permanent staff know the price of external advisory and for that reason you will always have to battle to prove your worth!

This is how you become valued by your parent organisation as well as the client. In the heat of the moment, under the pressures of delivery, racing headlong towards the next target, you can lose sight of your goals and your route towards them; making decisions which you might not have made at the outset.

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In these difficult moments it takes a strong person to take a moment to call a pause, assess the situation and decide whether the right actions are being taken. On two occasions now I have had colleagues call a pause on project Go Live shortly before launch. At the time this is difficult to take and it requires time for the team to re-motivate themselves. However, ultimately these decisions have been the right ones, either because the risks outweighed the benefits or because our reputation could have been put in jeopardy.

When delivering a piece of work or trying to get across a key message, it pays dividends to think about the person or people who will be receiving it. What matters to them? What are their priorities or motivations? What is the context in which they work? As I described I see it as cleaning my inner space, getting an answer and then using this knowledge, testing it in reality by doing.

Maybe I get a better answer or even a better question later, but I made real progress along the way. Hi, this is a very informative bit of writing. My nephew is on a tough life journey at the moment and in his aid this is one of the first articles I have pointed his way. Once again thank you and by helping each other we can create positive people and environments. Thanks for the article… I need to improve the way I do things. I try hard not to forget doing but I am unable to produce the right quality of finish to my work which brings it down for me.

Is there something I can do about it. I enjoyed reading the information I have an assignment for school about reflecting my first year of freshmen year thanks for your help I hope I can get the reflection right. Hi Myrko, I do believe that self-reflection is one aspect which is necessary to knowing ourselves. Very good pointers on how we can self- reflect. Terry, you can sign up here. I am a 57yo male and I live alone. My thoughts are jumbled and many with depression a major key. Also I am thousands of miles away from home Australia and living here in the US.

Can someone please tell me how to start this process. I have heard that self reflection is one of the hardest things to do and accept. I like the idea of asking good questions.

The difference between asking Why and How can be astounding. I always try to reach the things which have standards,values in society and when i have them people count on me for eg education, good car, good jwelary, good house and in society people are assessed with these things and we are respected by them and we spend a lot of time and our life to reach them and they give us without shadow of doubt pride ,but do things give us happenss?!!

Dear Myrko i agree with u about How ,because in the majorty of situtons it is more effective for eg if i find out i have got cancer ,why it has happen to me or why me? I found this a very insightful and informative article. I find that when I ride my bike over quite long distances I will often self-evaluate. I find it challenging and rewarding to assess my thoughts, feelings and actions, often asking myself at a deeper level why it is I say and do the things I do.

By having this insight I feel that I work every day to become a better human being. It can be a challenge at times and I am sure it is a life long journey of self-discovery, however self-reflection helps one to develop a more in-depth understanding of themselves and their fellow human beings.

The Value of Self-Reflection - James Schmidt - TEDxUniversityofGlasgow

Thank you very much for a very insightful article… I been writing journal since i was a little girl and i made this as a habit. It is true, it made me grounded. I do reflect most of the time and it helps me to be more focus in attaining my goals in life…. Unfortunately, we lie to ourselves to reach the goal; Self-Reflection, we need to be more honest in our quest to reach self-reflection. Before I could finish reading the article I found myself doing some quality thinking.

This is a useful article.

Do. Reflect. Do Better.

I will read and re-read. I am making reflection a daily activity as one of my goals for Stay blessed.

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Brian, you mention an interesting point. In fact since I started this blog my personal journal sees less writing from me. This is because a lot of my writing and reflecting flows directly into the blog-posts. The recent posts get more personal in the way that this is really on my mind, than the posts when I started. Anyways writing seems to be a major way to get clarity with oneself. I spent some time today reflecting on myself and posting in my blog.

Self-Reflection: How to Do It Right

I find that writing my feelings and thoughts online has become a welcomed outlet. Very useful article. Now I am in similar processes of trying to realize what do I want and how to achieve it. I have signed my resignation letter as a firts step…. Asking the right questions is very powerful, as you write on your blog : I remember Tony Robbins also talking about the Power of Questions…. I think self-reflection is ultimately about really understanding ourselves and our environment and then having the power to go into the right direction from there. So self-reflection is about creating clarity and living from there.

Self-Reflection: How to Do It Right

I think creating clarity is really asking why followed by understanding. Then — not stopping on why — moving to how. So I guess asking why is really more relevant than I pointed out in the article. Thanks for this addition! You are right to point out that how questions are more action and solution oriented.

However, I find it hard to move on to hows without going through the whys. I begin by tuning in and ask myself what do I feel right now. From my emotions, I then start to ask myself why. My why questions help me to understand more about myself.

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  7. However, I do note that sometimes there are no reasons to the whys. Still, I go through the why questions because they may provide me a clue. They keep me aware. In awareness, there is no judgement.

    7 Questions for Self Reflection To Push You Towards Greatness ()

    I may then choose to write down my thoughts as a part of self awareness. Writing is a form of release for me too. Moving on to what else can I do is usually the last step. Asking the right question is a very interesting way to look at it.