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The former detective looked very intense, as if he finally understood who was the serial killer, but it's not very clear. Also, is the actor who played the killer in that half-second scene listed in the credits? If so, then did he play any other characters in the movie? No, it isn't known who the killer is. The film is based on a real-life event, the Hwaseong serial murders , which is an unsolved case in Korea.

The film too can therefore only end on a similarly unresolved note. In the end, the crimes remain unsolved. Visiting the crime scene years later in , Park Doo-man, now a businessman, learns from a little girl that the scene had recently been visited by another, unknown man with a 'plain' face.

The little girl had asked him why that man was looking at a drain from the scene of the second murder, which is shown at the start of the film , and he told her that he was reminiscing about something he did there a long time ago. The final scene where Detective Park stares at the camera is open to interpretation. But, one of the interpretations is that he is convinced that this man with the plain face must have been the killer and that he could be just about any Korean.

Park then looks through the camera at the audience trying to locate the murderer as the Hwaseong killer is surely watching the film himself.

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Also, the factory worker who was the prime suspect could well have been the killer in the film as the DNA test results from the US do not exonerate him. They simply state that the evidence is inconclusive. I have no idea about the OP's question on the credits for the half-second scene. But it is unlikely that such a credit has been listed. At around the song Sad Letter is played on the radio, and this is the last time a murder is committed in conjunction with the song and rain. While this playing of the song led them to the letter and then onto the prime suspect, and was the reason the song no longer played a part in the murders, it should be noted that the radio's stations program producer quit suddenly on this last occasion.

Alaska Police Arrest Man After Memory Card With Video Of Murder Was Found

The producer had been alerted to the police interest because they had already visited the station when the song's link to the murders was noted. So it was the radio stations program producer who committed the murders, but found that without the song it wasn't of interest any more and stopped after a few more.

Although, he could have quit when he realised that he'd allowed the song to be played and that the result of this would be another murder. I'm still going to say it was the producer, but that's the movie mind you, the real case has had officers worked for 2 million man-days on it and there are 21, suspects. Sign up to join this community. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Who is the serial killer in Memories of Murders? They track the song using documents a source that Seo always trusts, saying, "The documents never lie.

The detectives are initially unable to pin anything on him.

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However, Seo notes that his hands are soft, like the survivor he questioned earlier had described. Hyeon-gyu begins to show discomfort when Seo presents the peaches, and thinks he's found the killer. Before he can question more, Cho loses control and beats Hyeon-gyu, prompting their superior to ban him from the interrogation room. Park and Seo listen to Baek's earlier confession to a previous murder.

Serial killer who inspired ‘Memories of Murder’ identified after 30 years

Seo points out that he talks as if someone else did it, and they realize he knew details of the murder because he witnessed it. They go to Baek's father's restaurant, only to discover a drunken Cho there. As people make fun of Cho on the TV, he beats everyone in the restaurant.

Baek arrives partway through the brawl and joins the fray, swinging a wooden board at Cho's leg and accidentally piercing it with a rusty nail. Park and Seo chase Baek and question him, but he gets frightened and runs into the path of an oncoming train, where he is hit and killed. Park learns that Cho's leg will have to be amputated, because the rusty nail caused tetanus , leaving Park feeling guilty about what he had gotten his partner and best friend into. They discover a trace of semen on one of the bodies, but because of lack of forensic technology, the sample has to be sent to the United States to confirm if suspect Hyeon-gyu is the killer with DNA evidence.

Seo tries to follow Hyeon-gyu, but he dozes off and misses his chance. That night, Park's wife walks through the forest, watched by an unknown figure in the shadows, but a younger girl passes by and she is captured and killed instead.

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The next morning, her body is discovered. Seo recognizes her as the same school girl that he befriended while investigating the murders. Enraged at the loss, Seo's frustrations finally flow over and he snaps. He attacks Hyeon-gyu until he is interrupted by Park bringing documents from America regarding the semen sample. However, the papers state the sample does not match Hyeon-gyu's DNA. Seo shouts that the documents are lying and that he knows Hyeon-gyu is the murderer. Seo attempts to shoot the suspect, but Park stops him and lets Hyeon-gyu go.

In the end, the crimes remain unsolved. While visiting the crime scene years later in , Park Doo-man, now a businessman, learns from a little girl that the scene had recently been visited by another, unknown man, with a 'normal' face. The little girl had asked the man why he was looking at the ditch, and was told that he was reminiscing about something he had done there a long time ago.

The film ends as Park, realizing this, looks straight at the camera, seemingly using his eye-contact method to spot the killer among the audience. Memories of Murder was well received by both critics and audiences. The film won the South Korean film industry's Grand Bell Awards for best film, while Bong Joon-ho and Song Kang-ho won the awards for best director and best leading actor respectively. By the end of the film's domestic run it had been seen by 5,, people, [4] making it the most watched film during the year in South Korea. While it was eventually outgained by Silmido , which was released in the same year, most of Silmido' s audience did not see it until At the end of the film's run, Memories of Murder was also the fourth most viewed film of all time in the country, after Shiri , Friend and Joint Security Area.

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The commercial success of the film has been credited as saving one of its production companies, Sidus Pictures , from bankruptcy. While a total body count was never mentioned in the film, at least 10 similar murders were committed in the Hwaseong area between October and April This killing spree, which became known as the Hwaseong serial murders , includes one murder which was determined to be a copycat crime.

Some of the details of the murders, such as the killer gagging the women with their underwear, were also taken from the case. After the ninth murder, DNA evidence was sent to Japan unlike the film, where it was sent to America for analysis, but the results did not correspond with the suspects. As in the film, at the time of its release, the actual murderer had not yet been caught.

As the case was growing closer to reaching the statute of limitations , South Korea's leading Uri Party sought to amend the law to give the prosecutors more time to find the murderer. However, in , the statute of limitations was reached for the last-known victim. Lee initially denied any involvement in the serial murders, [14] [15] but on 2 October , police announced that Lee had confessed to killing 14 people, including all 9 unsolved serial murders and 5 others.

Three of those murders happened in Hwaseong but had not previously been attributed to the serial killer, and the other two happened in Cheongju. As of October , details about those 5 victims have not been released because the investigation is ongoing. Screenwriter Kim Eun-hee Sign , Phantom was attached to a television adaptation with the working title Signal , which aired on tvN in Gap-dong , which aired on tvN in , was also loosely inspired by the film.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For the American television film, see Memories of Murder film. CJ Entertainment Sidus Pictures. Further information: Lee Choon-jae.

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